Ryan Spice-Finnie

Web Applications Developer


Frontend & Design I've dabbled in web development since I was a young lad. I began with HTML and CSS but was always striving to do more. I quickly learned PHP & MySQL connecting my games for high scores. Today I have a variety of other skills including Photoshop, JSON manipulation, ReactJS, JavaScript, and SCSS.

Full-Stack Develop, deploy, maintain and scale. The best part about full-stack development is seeing the whole application and having your hands in each pot. Some tools I've worked with: Linux, Shell Scripting, Git, VirtualBox, Babel, Backbone, Webpack, Node.JS, MySQL.

Game Design I started out making games soon after I dived into the web with GameMaker, soon advancing with C# and XNA, then SDL and more. I've used Flash with ActionScript 3, Unity, GameMaker and UDK. See my Games...

App Deployment Deploying, Testing and general tomfoolery on any device available is something of a hobby for me. And as such I have built and tested a wide range of apps for devices such as iPad, iPod, Android 4.x, Zune, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.
Currently under development is a Universal Windows 10 App using a inhouse JavaScript engine.

Education: RCC - Academy of Design
Video Game Design & Development, Computer Games and Programming Skills
July 2013
Game Design (Documentation, Scheduling, Workflow, and Prototyping)
Game Programming (Unreal Script, Kismet, Unity3D JavaScript and C#, Flash, c++)
Game Audio (Effects, Composition, Music Theory and History)
Game Art (Concept Art, 3D Modeling, Texturing and Unwrapping)
*Team Lead, Project Consultant, Designer & Lead Programmer"

Games - Concepts - Art - Audio

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HTML5 Read More

HTML5 Read More

GameMaker (Win32) Download


A 2D HTML5 framework based on the canvas API. This framework allows for dynamically scaleable apps or webpages with input supported. The Client object built in allows for an accurate target of draws 60 frames per second on the canvas.

GitHub Repository 0.6.1
Documentation 0.5